Luxury Furniture London does it best to delivery the best furniture in the best way possible, our partners are the best in the transportation & delivery,  but cargo being shiped from other countrys can arrive with some damage. This situation is rare but in case of damage read the topic below ,   Luxury Furniture london assumes total eventual problems related to delivery & shiping.

( please read our terms & conditions in the about us tab)


In case of damaged goods in the process of transportation or delivery, the packaging should be photograped and recorded for activation of the insurance.

All shipping and delivery are full insured in case of damaged goods, the process should be done like the example in the images below.

  1. Before opening, if the packging is showing some signal of damage , take some pictures.
  2. After the packging is open please take some pictures from the possible damages to be analised with some person from the Luxury Furniture London team.

  1. In case of damage from the delivery, the CMR document should be send by email to; luxurydesignassist@gmail.com with the subject -“damaged goods”.

All the other process with be taken by Luxury Furniure London to ensure that the order is going to be analised and proceed with the replacement of the specific order damaged.

No extra costs will be taken besides time.

For specific items of our collection , and other specific orders luxuryfurniturelondon crates items in wood crates for safety. (this added value is supported by luxuryfurniturelondon)


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